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Allison Zopel shares her revealing story in The Angel Inside: A Young Woman’s Healing Journey Through Coma and Brain Injury. Her book is a multi-sensory description of what it was like to be in a coma from the inside looking out, on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, how she was able to heal, her evolving relationship with God, as well as how we can be of better assistance to people in need of care. Filled with descriptive illustrations, poetry, drawings, and journal entries to God while in the coma, Allison makes her way through a remarkable journey and returns to life to help others who may be trapped inside and voiceless.

Allison is currently speaking with people about her experience, using her book as educational material, to help share about the different levels of consciousness between unconscious and conscious in a coma, as well as our powerful ability to heal. The healing music that she composed while in the coma is available on her website:

If you are interested in having Allison, or any one of our board members come to speak with a class, workshop, or with a group of people near you, please contact us.

The Angel Inside is now available to order at The Return to Life Foundation. For a full color, signed copy by the author, you may purchase your book, here: (Books will be shipped within 7-10 business days)

The Angel Inside

All of the proceeds of The Angel Inside will be donated to the Foundation to help us to reach our goals! You may also visit and like the Facebook page for The Angel Inside.